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Sandy Beaches

live your dream

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We do not own land. We simply hold on, because we’d be wrong to run. We are right to hold this land so dear to our hearts. We are right to want to preserve its beauty with love.

We can provide without owning. 

We do not own beaches. We should not commercialize beaches. There are benefits to beaches that all should have access to.  That land is sacred. It is sacred for your health, our wildlife, and our leisure and relaxation. It is not for overcharging, it is not for rules and regulations, and its not for your plastic carbon waste. The beach should be a place of peace and freedom. It almost is.

I fell it in this reviving air.

I sense it in my absent speech but hardy stare.

My heart evermore sinking, to reach the deep ocean, 

where it will illuminate light.

I’m not sure if I'm up for this,

but air rises…

Air will rise.

Feel it in the air.


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Currently seeking a full- time manager.

NYC Based

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